5 homegrown handcrafted ceramic labels to know

It was early in the morning when we had sauntered through delightful alleys of the most quintessential Goan village to get to a pottery studio. After an informative introduction to the art form, I found myself at a potter’s wheel with a lump of clay just waiting to reach its potential. Even the most infinitesimal flicker of my fingers had a physical manifestation in the design. I realised sculpting that clay could either bring me insurmountable frustration or lull me into a blissful state of zen; I chose the latter.

Originating from the Greek word ‘keramikos’ which means potter’s clay, ceramics are made from different clays, hardened at high temperatures and glazed. The treatments rendered these items durable, washable, and microwave-proof. There are three types – earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Hardened at varying temperatures, they differ in raw material, porosity, and finish. Due to its aesthetics, functionality and durability, the most common ceramic home décor products are tableware and serveware.

While I highly recommend taking up a few pottery classes – it can be thoroughly therapeutic – we’ve picked out homegrown ceramic labels that offer the most spectacular artisanal and handcrafted products.


Describing himself as a graphic artist, illustrator, sculptor, and visual storyteller, Aman Khanna converts his artistic virtuosity into the most mesmerising, thought-provoking objets d’art. He draws inspiration from his ‘observations of the common man and his dilemmas’. Claymen is among one of the most well-known homegrown ceramic labels, featuring quirky yet minimal figurines and décor accessories that make for brilliant conversation starters.


A boutique ceramic and pottery studio based in Goa, Terravida’s exceptional aesthetic is a result of a modern construct of rustic Portuguese elements. Contemporary in form, the pieces are vibrant with a touch of old-world charm. Their handmade creations, from dinnerware and ornamental tiles to home décor and souvenirs, have the ability to add pleasure to any corner.

Suite No. 8

This home décor label focuses on the joyful interplay of striking colour and whimsical patterns. Their capsule collections can transport you to different worlds. CAARA, a collection made in collaboration with the farm-to-table eatery of the same name, is an ode to childhood memories of family picnics. Tea time with the Grand Budapest collection was envisioned as the ultimate homage to Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest hotel, filled with pastels hues replete with gilded edges. By The Pool is a collection of table and serveware inspired by dreams of summer, featuring natural speckled ceramic paired with matte tile black or turquoise glaze.

White Hill Studio

Food brings us closer and White Hill Studio wishes to foster these relationships through their ceramic tableware collection. Deeply influenced by the nature, stories, and culture of the Himalayas, their beautiful designs reflect longing for the hills. Collections like Midnight in Mashobra, Solitude, Home Coming, and Comfort Staples feature imagery that conjures comforting sentiments of idyllic villages, yearnings for crisp mountain air and moments of pure joy spent surrounded by the rolling hills.   

Ware Innovations

With a passion for product design and an intense curiosity to explore different materials, designer Yogita Agarwal started Ware Innovations. The range includes ceramic and marble products for the home that are highly functional and beautifully detailed. Her creations inspire the user to appreciate the finer aspects, encouraging us all to infuse our daily lives with the beauty of sculptural pieces.

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